Testimonials from Qualified Driving Instructors

I have successfully completed all three parts of the driving instructor training tests, having trained with Neil Turner of KISS in Southampton. I would like to thank Neil for all his help, based on his profound knowledge both of driving and of instructing. His sense of humour has made the various sessions entertaining as well as informative, and I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed the whole process. Training with KISS also brings with it the benefit of a wide support community, with both fully-fledged instructors and other trainees gladly sharing knowledge, tips and tales which have helped me on my way. If you are thinking of training as a driving instructor, I would strongly recommend Neil and the rest of the KISS team.
Nick Connell-Smith
To all people wanting to become a driving instructor, don’t look any further than KISS for the expert driving instructor training and dedication of all the team. I originally paid my monies (high fees), to another big brand, TV advertised company. I passed Part 1/Part 2 first time but it was the study that I put in and not the quality training that I’d received that got me through. I went on a ‘pink’ licence with a local driving school in Poole but had to travel to Exeter to get 1-2-1 training for Part Three.

I was lucky enough to meet Neil Turner (South Director) whilst picking up a pupil from Queen Elizabeth School, Wimborne just prior to my 1st attempt at Part 3. He showed me the adi training manual KISS use and it was far superior to the one I was using. Hence, I attempted my Part 3 and received 3/2 as I didnt know what I was doing! I joined KISS Driving School last July, took my 2nd attempt in November 2010 getting a 3/4 on PST10. Neil was told by the examiner, that I was so close. It was nerves that let me down!

I was driven by a colleague, last Thursday for my third and final attempt at Southampton driving test centre and passed with 4/4. I was given expert training by the whole team, additional hours when needed by Neil and Ade and understood fully what was expected of me ! So I would like to extend my thanks to David and The Team for helping me achieve my goal.
Janice Williamson (ADI)
I would just like to say a huge thank you to Neil Turner at KISS Driving school for getting me through my Part 2 and Part 3 of my ADI training - all quailified now and good to go! I am from the Isle of Wight and didn't really of know any schools on the mainland but after a little research online I decided to have a day over in Southampton with Neil. I really struggled with mainland driving and never thought i would pass Part 2 if I'm honest. But with Neil's confidence and patience i passed after my 2nd attempt. For my Part 3 training I came over for 2/3/4 hour sessions, the training was tailored around me and when I could come over and was always on a 1 to 1 basis. After failing my 1st attempt the pressure was on and the self doubt crept in, but Neil kept me going and I passed a couple of weeks later on my 2nd attempt!. Apart from the training I would like to say Neil is a nice guy and comfortable to be around and I really dont think I could have done it without him! Can't wait to start my new Career.
Sarah Tonks (ADI)
I investigated KISS Driving after having had a confidence shattering ‘assessment’ with a local intensive driving company, at which they told me I would need 30+ hours to pass. Today I passed first time (with only two minors) with Gary Foster at KISS having had around 20 hours.

KISS’s ‘keep it simple’ approach really appealed to me, and from the first phone call Gary took the time and patience to carefully explain how everything worked and how KISS driving was different. All driving companies seem to claim to be different and, at first, I was sceptical that KISS would be different. After my first lesson I saw that KISS really is different.

Gary is a fantastic coach; he is a patient, relaxed, friendly, genuine, and reliable man – he immediately put me at ease and brought my confidence back. KISS use coaching techniques that actively engage you as a pupil. Gary delivers clear and thorough instructions, engaging you throughout, asking questions and checking understanding. Gary was very patient with my manoeuvres too (something I had been dreading!), but with the help of his reference points and guidance I was able to do a flawless left reverse on my test today.

I was also fortunate enough to attend several ‘KISS Training Days’, held in Cambridge and Bishop’s Stortford. After driving to the training day (great practice driving to Bishop’s Stortford) you meet some of the other KISS instructors from the region (mainly London and Bishop’s Stortford). You then go out for 45-60 minutes with a different driving instructor, and sometimes a trainee instructor in the back. This is a fantastic experience, and allows you to get used to driving with an unfamiliar face next to you, and even with a passenger (which can happen on your test if there is an examiner examining your examiner!). On these days you realise that the KISS ethos is teaching focussed and all their instructors are trained to a high standard (even with psychology to help spot when you are tired and adjust your lesson accordingly).

I have been extremely impressed with Gary and KISS Driving and would recommend Gary with no hesitation. KISS care that you pass your test, they will not book you for lessons you don’t need, as many companies do, and their instructors are of an exceptionally high standard. Even then, Gary is one of the best, with a pass rate of at least 90%. If you want to learn to drive in Cambridge keep it simple, learn with Gary.

Josh Jones
Hi, I’m James Robinson KISS Driving Instructor in Aldershot and I would like to thank everyone at KISS IT Ltd for the quality of driving instructor training in Camberley I received from beginning to end of the Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I) course. The whole adi training and qualifying process was fun and first class. The whole amosphere is very friendly with everyone helping in whatever way they can.

I managed to pass Part 1, the Part 2 practical driving test and the Part 3 test of instructional ability at the first attempts – I put this down to the quality of the adi training to become a driving instructor – as well as a lot of effort on my part! I would like to thank all my trainers and an especially BIG thank you to Kaye, who was a great help coming up to my Part 3 test. I know she will become a fantastic ORDIT trainer.

Anyone looking to become a driving instructor should not even think of training with any other organisation than KISS IT.

Thank you all.
James Robinson (ADI)
Hello, I am Hamaira and I passed my Part 3 test of instructional ability today at Hayes driving test centre. I am a local KISS Driving Instructor in Wembley. I trained with KISS IT Ltd . I’m very happy with KISS driving school, they have the best Driving Instructors, friendly and always welcoming. I had lots of help and support when I needed it! I would recommend any one looking to become a Driving Instructor to train with KISS IT. I would like to thank my ORDIT trainers, Rob, Sharon and Mike. My fellow Instructors and all my friends and colleagues who helped me through my tadi raining. I am so HAPPY !!!

Hamaira passed Part 3 November 2010.
Hamira (ADI)
In 2009 I began training as a driving instructor with a colourful national company. I passed part1 and part 2 at the first attempt and received 40 hrs of part 3 training with them and as far as I was concerned I was ready to teach. In October 2009 I received a phone call from Neil Turner (KISS Southern Director/Trainer) who explained that the colourful company had emailed him my details and asked if I would like to meet him to discuss my future. After meeting Neil I realised just how little I knew concerning driving instruction and agreed to sign up for the KISS PART 3 REMEDIAL TRAINING package. I went on a trainee licence with KISS for 6 months and passed my part 3 test, first attempt, within that time. When I listen to other instructors' stories I am so grateful that Neil called me that day, KISS INSTRUCTOR TRAINING is second to none and I would urge anyone considering this as a career, to call KISS first, believe me, you wont regret it!. I now assist Neil Turner in the training of pdi's for their part 2 and part 3 tests, pupils permitting!
Neil Moody (ADI)
Before I joined KISS I had training from two companies both of which seemed to want me to ‘figure out how to become an instructor myself’. As soon as I met Neil and saw the KISS Drive Driving Instructor Course I knew I had finally found someone who could teach me how to teach. In the first lesson he was able to break down and simplify the structure and technique I needed to succeed. I would highly recommend KISS as a company as I know from experience they all teach the same way. If you try them I reckon you won’t want to train anywhere else.
Rod, London (ADI)
Facing an imposed change of career a few years ago I am pleased that I chose to become a driving instructor with KISS Driving School. I looked at what KISS offered compared to the other large companies and KISS’s new coaching methods appealed to me more. KISS coach their pupils with emphasis on explanation and so there is a lot to remember, but it worth it when you see the positive results of those methods. Another reason I was pleased to be trained by KISS is that my personal situation was quite awkward, but KISS imposed no time restrictions allowing me to progress at my own pace. The people at KISS are very friendly and generous with their time and encouragement and it is definitely a company where you get out what you put in. KISS instructors all achieve a very high level of professionalism and their standards are second to none.
Gary (ADI)
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